Wiss NJ Employees – It’s time to enroll in AFLAC.

Sensible Benefits administers your AFLAC benefits.  This page includes everything that you need to better understand your benefits options and rates.  Contact us to enroll by December 15th!

Schedule a phone appointment to discuss your options further and enroll in AFLAC by emailing or calling our office: Ray@sensiblebenefits.com; 212-858-0070

Brief Video Presentations:

  1. AFLAC Benefits Overview Video
  2. Life Insurance
  3. AFLAC’s Hospital Plan

Product Brochures:

  1. AFLAC Accident Option 1 NJ
  2. AFLAC Accident Advantage Plan Option 2
  3. AFLAC Accident Advantage Plan Option 3
  4. AFLAC Accident Advantage Plan Option 4 NJ
  5. AFLAC Cancer Care Preferred NJ
  6. AFLAC Cancer Care Select NJ
  7. AFLAC Cancer Care Classic NJ
  8. AFLAC Cancer Care Premier NJ
  9. AFLAC Term Life NJ
  10. AFLAC Whole Life NJ

Discounted Payroll Rates:

  1. WISS Aflac Rates A NJ 2017

Products and rates may vary slightly from state to state.  Please call or email us for an accurate quote.