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Why Choose Sensible Benefits?

  1. We are not publicly traded, and therefore our fiduciary responsibility is with our clients, not our stockholders.  The client - publicly-traded broker relationship presents an inherent conflict of interest.

  2. We are not a large, privately-held brokerage with hundreds-of-millions of dollars under management.  Every year your premiums increase and so does their compensation.  They are not incentivized to lower your rates as it means a decrease in their revenue.  Strategizing to migrate small to medium-sized businesses to reduce claims would amount to enormous losses across a multi-million or billion-dollar book of business.  What do your year-over-year results look like?  Are your costs increasing or decreasing?  Our strategy will put you on the path to savings.

  3. We collaborate with the brightest healthcare consultants, brokers, and strategists in our industry.  We share in a collective brain trust and have strategic relationships with the absolute best vendor-partners in the business.  Our Mastermind is incredibly powerful.  When you engage Sensible Benefits, you tap into that collective brain trust.

  4. What are you doing to manage the frequency and severity of your claims?  Not having a plan is the same as having a plan to fail.

  5. We are experts in managing the healthcare supply chain and will take control of this enormous line-item expense and create a terrific, sustainable revenue stream in your business.

  6. We'll help your culture thrive by giving employees access to the best benefits package that they have ever seen!  If we succeed in delivering savings, but not in improving benefits, then we have failed!


You will measure our success or failure with one elementary question.  Did the team at Sensible Benefits help us effectively reduce our premiums and increase the quality of our healthcare experience?  Your clients make you compete for their business every day.  We'd appreciate the opportunity to compete for yours.  When we compete you win!


We ask our clients to measure our worth by the outcomes that we deliver, and back that up by putting our compensation on the line.  Engage us and we'll sit on your side of the table to deal with the large publicly traded brokers and insurance companies who are beholden to their stakeholders.  We'll be focused on your stakeholders.

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