It All Starts With A Conversation

You would never know it speaking to an old-school insurance broker, but we are not nuclear scientists and what we do does not require a degree in engineering or mathematics.  However, there are a lot of moving parts in assessing, managing and changing healthcare and employee benefits for the better.  As a NextGen advisor, we have the right strategic relationships to help your business position itself to drive significant savings and make a positive contribution to the health, welfare and growth of your business and internal clients.  Best of all, we can do it today!

We will provide a high-level overview, free of charge, for most of our prospective clients.  Our presentation generally runs for about thirty minutes and we, therefore, recommend booking an hour to leave time for Q&A.  Depending upon the size of your organization, this one-hour investment has the potential to dramatically and completely transform your business.

In our time together, we’ll touch briefly on some of the things that you already know, for example, the system is broken, and that today you are spending more on health insurance than ever.  However, we’ll really focus on what you don’t know and share explanations for why the system is broken.  Most importantly, we’ll provide you with a structure to remedy the problem, prove it with math and guarantee results.  We abhor wasting time!  We’ll cut straight to the punch and in thirty minutes give you everything you need to make a decision.

To learn more about how we can help your business and see if you qualify for a complimentary consultation email us with the subject line, “Complementary Consultation Request”, and please include dates and times that you are available.  We’ll reply with a calendar invite or follow up if more detail is required.  To email us: click here.