Whether you have five employees or a team of 50, managing the enrollment (or re-enrollment) process can be a daunting task. As business owners ourselves, we understand how valuable your time is and how the time spent managing employee benefits can feel like a giant hassle. This is, in part, why we offer benefit enrollment services—we love leveraging our experience and expertise to help businesses improve their bottom line and grow.

In today’s blog, the benefits advisors at Sensible Benefits would like to share with you some information regarding the enrollment process. If you are interested in having our knowledgeable staff come to you to conduct on-site enrollment, contact us today! We work with businesses located all across the country to customize employee benefit plans, and we would love to add you and your employees to our family.


4 Ways to Improve the Employee Benefits Enrollment Process


Don’t Delay

Like so many other aspects of life, the sooner you began to plan and prepare your employee benefits plan, the better the end results. Ideally, you should start the planning a year in advance. Getting this early start will increase your flexibility to explore plan options and consider a broader network of providers. More choices means the better your chances are of finding a plan that meets your needs and budget.

Communicate With Employees

Benefits—especially those related to health insurance and family coverage—can understandably be a sensitive and anxiety-inducing topic. Don’t forget this! Use this understanding to mitigate some of the stress. For example, rather than overwhelming employees with complex options, forecasting what they can and can’t afford and develop a communication plan. This plan should include concise, side-by-side comparison lists, an FAQ section, and a clear demarcation of any changes from the previous plan.

Hold Meetings

Similar to the above tip, holding meetings is a great way to stress the importance of benefits, like health insurance benefits, and conveying how valued your employees are. During these meetings, you should introduce all pertinent changes and, if applicable, all the ways they can maintain earlier policies or features on their own.

During these meetings, be sure to emphasize the following issues:

  • What they had
  • What they are losing
  • What they are gaining
  • What actions can/should be taken

Monitor Enrollment

Oftentimes, if you miss an enrollment deadline, you must then wait until the next open enrollment period or for a qualifying life event to occur. Because of these non-negotiable deadlines, you will want to make sure that you are monitoring enrollment, keeping your employees informed, and being diligent in your communication.

Remember, missing a deadline can have a significant impact on the well-being of an employee and potentially the employee’s family as well. Be sure touch base with employees who aren’t enrolled. Relentlessly communicating this importance will not only signal respect and concern for your employees, but, more importantly, it will also give your employees peace of mind and protection.

Does this seem like more than you can handle?

No problem! Sensible Benefits is here to help. We can manage your employee benefits through every step of the process—and follow up with precise employee benefits statements. Our team of insurance brokers and industry experts are passionately devoted to making the benefits enrollment process as stress-free and as simplified as possible, and we can facilitate our enrollments in-person, via telephone, web meetings, and other platforms.

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