1. Scenarios Where Professional Employer Services Can Help

    As a business owner, your time is extremely valuable. The more time you spend managing employees and taking care of HR-related issues, the less time you have to run your business. However, if you neglect your employee-related responsibilities your whole operation could cause a rift in your workforce…Read More

  2. How To Help Employees Make Better Decisions at Open Enrollment

    Many studies report that a majority of Americans are not enrolled in a benefits plan that best fits their needs. This may come as no surprise given that many studies, like the 2017 Aflac WorkForces Report, find that 83 percent of employees spend less than an hour researching their options, and upwar…Read More

  3. Does My Business Need a Benefits Consultant?

    As businesses grow so does the complexity and importance of employee benefits. From health insurance to 401Ks, the benefits package you put together for your employees directly impacts your company. Not only can it affect your budget and bottom line, but it can also affect your ability to attract an…Read More

  4. What Can A Health Insurance Broker Do For Me?

    There are few employee benefits as important as health insurance. This is also to say, as an employer, healthcare benefits is one area you do not want to skimp on. Offering your employees competitive health insurance benefits can be the thing that gives your business an advantage. It can help you re…Read More

  5. 4 Benefits of Working with Professional Employer Organizations

    Business owners have a lot on their plate. And as their business grows, so does this proverbial plate. Day-to-day work, like paying bills, hiring employees, training, and more, can eat up a lot of time, so much so, that it can feel like you have no time for focusing solely on growing your business. …Read More

  6. 4 Tips to Simplify Benefits Enrollment

    Whether you have five employees or a team of 50, managing the enrollment (or re-enrollment) process can be a daunting task. As business owners ourselves, we understand how valuable your time is and how the time spent managing employee benefits can feel like a giant hassle. This is, in part, why we o…Read More

  7. What Are The Most Valued Employee Benefits

    In today’s competitive hiring market, a generous benefits package is a crucial part of attracting and retaining talent. This sentiment is quickly becoming common knowledge and is, in fact, a statistic that is echoed by numerous studies, including a 2015 Glassdoor survey that found that 80% of empl…Read More

  8. What to Expect from an Insurance Broker

    If you are a small business looking to find the right health insurance for your employees or organization, you may feel overwhelmed. Trying to navigate the ever-confusing and ever-changing terrain of health insurance can be a difficult thing to do alone. To truly make a confident, well-informed deci…Read More

  9. Health Insurance for 2018

    We are in the busiest time of year for health insurance and employee benefits. The vast majority of companies have their employees make benefits elections from October 1st to December 31st. So that means that it’s 4th Quarter baby! It’s go time!!! So, why the exclamation points, Ray? What’s th…Read More