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Sensible Benefits—headquartered in Beechhurst, New York—is a full-service health insurance brokerage whose mission is to help people make the best health and supplemental insurance choices. We believe that good benefits planning is part art and part science. It is a combination of market knowledge along with a keen sense of making appropriate recommendations based on the needs of our individual clients. No two clients are the same and we, therefore, make product and insurance company recommendations on a case-by-case basis.

We understand the challenges that business owners and benefits managers face in keeping their businesses operating lean and profitable. Our insurance advisors have helped many businesses save money on health insurance, which ultimately goes directly to their bottom line. It’s one thing to shop the market for a better rate, it’s another to develop a cohesive benefits strategy to keep those rates in check. We’ll work together to do just that.

Sensible Benefits is a broker’s broker. In addition to being a full-service insurance broker for our many clients, we also serve as the enrollment arm for core and voluntary benefits for the many brokers whom we support. Knowledge and expertise are important but so is enrollment strategy and competency. We have a large team of dedicated insurance professionals at your service. While there is no business too small or large for us to service we specialize in helping large businesses manage and enroll their employee benefits.

We bring decades of experience to the table. Our clients take comfort in knowing that with Sensible Benefits they have a team of dedicated health insurance consultants at their service who have a deep understanding of the market and a passion for helping. Unlike many brokers, Sensible Benefits’ exclusive focus is health insurance and health insurance related products. It’s all we do. That’s important because our clients benefit from our laser focus. It truly makes a difference, particularly when it comes to us helping our clients with claims and communications with insurance companies.

Our goal, in time, is to earn our client’s trust as their benefits advisor. We make sensible benefits recommendations and give our clients the tools to make informed decisions. We understand that all that an insurance policy is, is a promise written on a piece of paper. A promise to pay is only as good as the insurance company backing up that promise. We recommend insurance companies that have the best track record for fulfilling their promises. We also understand that people have a choice when it comes to insurance brokers. This is why we strive to go above-and-beyond and offer our clients a wide array of services to help grow their business.  

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We hope that you’ll give us an opportunity to earn your business. We’ll then do our best to earn your trust, and continue our work as your trusted insurance and employee benefits advisor for years to come. Contact us today to get your free consultation!  212-847-3820


Meet Ray Kober – Managing Director

Our founder has been a dynamic entrepreneurial sales professional for over 30 years.  Ray has worked in numerous capacities in HVAC, Manufacturing, Broadcast, Hospitality, Wholesale, Retail, Internet, and IT Security industries to name a few.  He has many interests and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Arts from St. John’s University and has furthered his education in business and fine arts.

Having focused on employee benefits since 2001, Ray founded Sensible Benefits to expand the services that he brings to thousands of existing clients across all industries.  

Our health insurance model is broken.  It’s unbelievable that people are paying upwards of $30,000 per year for family coverage and yet that is the reality.  Ray’s focus in leading the team at Sensible Benefits is to make an impact, help businesses and individuals reduce costs while maximizing coverage.

Let’s Re-think !nsurance.

Brokers should not have their compensation increase year over year for lackluster performance.  At Sensible Benefits, we have an atypical approach to !nsurance.  We are focused on delivering bottom-line savings to the businesses that we serve and to providing the absolute best, comprehensive, and yes, Sensible benefits for all of our clients.

“In leading this organization, I hope to be a voice that people can trust, while we discuss their benefit options.  We have a large team of dedicated professionals ready to serve our clients.  Ultimately we’re here to help people make sensible choices concerning their benefits.”  -Ray Kober