Welcome to Sensible Benefits!

Sensible Benefits—is New York City’s only NextGen benefits advisory firm, committed to breaking the status quo.  We align ourselves strategically with C-Suite executives and collaborate with them in partnership to dramatically lower the cost of healthcare, thereby driving significant dollars back to the bottom line, while simultaneously improving benefits and employee morale.

Our process usually begins with a CEO or CFO interested in addressing what typically amounts to a top three line item expense.  Once we communicate the importance of managing the healthcare supply chain, it becomes evident that action must be taken to stop the bleeding.

We’ll then work closely with human resources to gain a better understanding of their current processes and pain points and collaborate with them to outline a framework for meaningful change.

Finally, and, most importantly, we focus on people, because after all, people are where our focus must be.  We have a moral and ethical duty to serve people, and each person deserves the best that our team has to offer.  Our goal is to empower employees and arm them with tools and resources to take control of their healthcare and employee benefits.  Our objective is to have them pay less over time – not more!

We will not stand by idly waiting for politicians, or regulators to dispense the next magic pill in health care reform.

We will take matters into our own hands, today.

Welcome to Sensible Benefits!

Meet Ray Kober – Managing Director

Our founder has been a dynamic entrepreneurial sales professional for over 30 years.  Ray has worked in numerous capacities in HVAC, Manufacturing, Broadcast, Hospitality, Wholesale, Retail, Internet, and IT Security industries to name a few.  He has many interests and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Arts from St. John’s University and has furthered his education in business and fine arts.

Having focused on employee benefits since 2001, Ray founded Sensible Benefits to expand the services that he brings to thousands of existing clients across all industries.  

Our health insurance model is broken.  It’s unbelievable that people are paying upwards of $30,000 per year for family coverage and yet that is the reality.  Ray’s focus in leading the team at Sensible Benefits is to make an impact, help businesses and individuals reduce costs while maximizing coverage.

Let’s Re-think !nsurance.

Brokers should not have their compensation increase year over year for lackluster performance.  At Sensible Benefits, we have an atypical approach to !nsurance.  We are focused on delivering bottom-line savings to the businesses that we serve and to providing the absolute best, comprehensive, and yes, Sensible benefits for all of our clients.

“In leading this organization, I hope to be a voice that people can trust, while we discuss their benefit options.  We have a large team of dedicated professionals ready to serve our clients.  Ultimately we’re here to help people make sensible choices concerning their benefits.”  -Ray Kober